5.The Ryder Cup is a major international golf tournament between some of the best American and European players, held in a different location each year.Oktoberfest – Breckenridge, Colorado

Oktoberfest celebrations are held all over the world, and while there’s no beating the one in Munich, Germany, there are still some great imitations out there.Ski Season – Jackson Hole, Wyoming

5 Awesome Trips You Can Still Take In The U.S.The Invitational, meanwhile, is just a good incentive to make the trip.The route can now easily be done on Amtrak with the Kansas City to St Louis river runner allowing you to sit back and watch the route go by./p
pThe post Awesome Trips You Can Still Take In The U.S.As a guide to the 2018 tournament explains, top Ryder Cup venues have included a few different places in England, one in Spain, and the famous golf getaway of Pinehurst in North Carolina.It’s effectively a giant music festival with a Halloween atmosphere that still manages to embrace the unique culture (and culinary delights) of New Orleans.This Year

Here too we’re not exactly talking about a cheap trip.Maui Invitational – Maui, Hawaii

This is a pricier option, but it’s worth noting because visiting Maui off-season, so to speak, can be at least a little bit more affordable.Voodoo Music & Arts Experience – New Orleans, Louisiana

When you think about New Orleans festivals or cultural event, it’s the early spring tradition of Mardi Gras that first comes to mind.It’s a nice excuse to see the Colorado rockies in the fall, when travel can be fairly reasonable.There are all kinds of places to ski in the American West, but Jackson Hole can’t be denied as the United States’ best spot.

.But the Voodoo Music & Arts Experience in late October can be just as much fun.You can get great food for casual dining prices, and you can entertain yourself to no end simply walking around.[To In Mexico Do Top Things 10]This journey across Missouri, the “Show Me State” is a classic slice of real, mid-western America.But if you just want a reason to travel for the remainder of the year it’s worth thinking about catching the early part of ski season, which really intensifies in January and February these days.By Country Living, it’s essentially Germany-style street festival complete with traditional garb, delicious food and drink, festive music, etc.And while accommodations in Breckenridge tend not to be cheap, the festival can be enjoyed on a budget.

6.To get you thinking, if you’re still looking for something fun to do with the rest of the year, we put together a few ideas.[Year Still US In Take You Awesome Trips Can This The]

2.But six months left in the year is a long time, and there are all kinds of fun things going on around the U.S.It’s an annual early-season college basketball tournament that usually features some of the best teams in America, and it’s played in a very small gym that gives you a pretty intimate look at those teams.Mostly though you’ll just get the chance to enjoy a tropical beach getaway in November!

3.But this year it’ll be in Chaska, Minnesota, which makes for very affordable travel and a chance to explore a state you might not otherwise visit.

4.Named the top fall festival in the U.S.You’ll need tickets to the festival, but New Orleans is a city that can be enjoyed on the cheap.The Ryder Cup – Chaska, Minnesota

This isn’t an annual option, but it sure is a nice event to travel for in 2018.This Year

We’re about halfway through 2018, and at this point most people have probably planned any major vacations they still have coming up.One is in the gorgeous mountain town of Breckenridge, Colorado.Awesome Trips You Can Still Take In The U.S.Going early could save you a little bit of money here and there, and either way it’s the sort of experience worth saving up for.This Year appeared first on The Poor Explorer.[Austrian Travel Interview Edition Kyrgyzstan Radio]

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