4.Chimborazo Peak – Ecuador

Easy To Climb Mountains

…So Everest is the highest point on earth right? Well yes but also no because whilst Chimborazo Peak stands at only 5000 meters, it is actually nearer to our earth’s orbit, closer to space and therefore debatably higher than Mount Everest.

5.Because of the lack of international tourism, you will also have much of the Savannah to yourself and because of Venezuela’s “Mercado Negro”, the trip may cost you as little as $100….Roraima on a budget is very achievable!

3.Then, of course, there is the price tag, yep, climbing Everest is a rich man’s game for those with $60k to chuck around.[GIFT FOR VALENTINE8217S DAY 2019 LIST]

2.To ensure that your money is actually going to help the poor local economy, you may wish to book inside the country.The views over the Scottish Highlands are sublime with mysterious lochs and green mountains as far as the eye can see.But that’s a different post for a different day…

See you at the top.

As no expertise, permits or guides are needed, this is definitely a cheap mountain to climb – just please do spend some money on good gear.[Dock 8211 Liverpool Hotel Titanic Stanley]

Basically, you can drive all the way to the bottom, park your car and then head up the 3,776-meter mountain, in sneakers, all in one long day.And it’s easy to see why of course, the allure of “conquering” the biggest hill on earth and standing where relatively few have ever stood before would make a good dinner anecdote…

But the thing is, Everest really isn’t for everybody.Nevertheless, the whole thing still takes between 10 – 15 days and even expensive packages are still around $2.5k (cheaper if you have time to organize them inside Ecuador).[Bag Does Wash Machine Scrubba Work Really Travel Portable Washing This Review]

.And guess what? Whilst Everest is the biggest, plenty of others are more beautiful, more dangerous and frankly a whole lot cooler and because they don’t have the title of being “biggest on the world, relatively few people try to climb them meaning you can have the whole adventure more o less to yourself!

Top 5 Epic Mountains that Anybody Can Climb!
    Kilimanjaro – Tanzania

Easy Mountains To Climb

Kilimanjaro is the biggest mountain in Africa, the biggest most adventure-packed continent on earth.

As long as you are relatively fit, bring the right gear and set off early enough, more or less anybody can get up and down Ben Nevis in a day making it a perfect beginners mountain.Mount Fuji – Japan

Situated 60 miles south of Tokyo, Mt Fuji is Japan’s contribution to the worlds great mountains.Once you’re done with the mountain, you can head down to Fort William to take in a Whisky Tour.[In Don For Japan Discount Free Quijote Coupons]

There are actually loads of great mountains that anybody can climb but this list has to end somewhere.Poor Explorers very own Broke Backpacker Will Hatton celebrated his 19th birthday by scaling the mountain – the first of many adventures.

The 2,800 meter Mount Roraima is situated deep inside Venezuela’s “Gran Savannah” and is the largest tabletop mountain on earth – it is literally shaped like a flat table! Roraima was famously the inspiration of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “The Lost World” as the mountaintop boasts an unearthly moonscape (rich in Quartz) and a unique and barmy bio-diversity.I once met a guy who literally ran up the mountain in one afternoon sandwiched between a business meeting in Tokyo and his return flight home to the UK.[Travel Of Stuck Best At The Books 25 When For Home Youre]

In case you are desperately craving a Himalayan fix, well there are loads of national treks you can do in India, Nepal, and Pakistan that don’t involve any actual mountaineering, danger and these are extremely affordable.Ben Nevis – United Kingdom Easy Mountains To Climb

Ben Nevis

Bonny Scotlands mighty Ben Nevis is the largest mountain in the UK.Kilimanjaro rises nearly 6000 meters out of Tanzania’s plains like an apparition and is conspicuous as the only mountain in the region.Roraima -Venezuela Easy Mountains To Climb


Summiting Mount Everest and standing atop the roof of the world is the dream of many an aspiring adventurer.The summit takes around 5 days round trip and is tough but totally manageable.In true Japanese style, it is also very user-friendly.[We 8211 People Art District The Meet Lodi]

But fear not.This is because of the quirk that is our spherical earth (also some still maintain its actually flat), as Ecuador (meaning the Equator) sits right at the midpoint of the planet.

To summit Roraima, you need to join an organised, licensed tour which can be arranged from the cool, mountain and student center of Merida or in the edgier Santa Elena.It’s harsh, tough and downright dangerous and even the best prepared, most experienced mountaineers risk losing a few fingers if not there life.Climbing Kilimanjaro requires no climbing experience as its essentially a long walk around, and up, the mountain but there is some hair-raising moments for those not fond of heights!

You can book tours internationally, online or inside Tanzania itself.There are plenty of other mountains out there for you.Most trips provide plenty of porters and helpers so all you need to concentrate on is putting one foot in front of the other.So you see, you don’t need to be a half-crazed, rich athlete to get high and mighty, just savvy and suitably determined.[Call For Spring Solos Skiing Last]

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Ecuador is full of amazing mountains to climb but this one takes the prize as it’s the only way to climb higher than Everest and out-do those millionaires!

Because there have been some fatalities, a pre-requisite of climbing the mountain is to do a two preparation course and join a licensed tour.Just bring plenty of mozzy-repellent and be ready for some serious humidity.Whilst a relatively humble 1,345 meters, it is still a challenge as its steep incline and all year round winter conditions at the top have caught many a climber off guard.[Thimphu Our Places Visit To Travelogue In 8211]
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