Still not sure? Well the Adams River not only has one of the largest sockeye salmon runs in North America, but if you show up in a dominant year, chances are you will see thousands of brightly colored salmon only a few feet from you.

respect the salmon warning at the Adams River riverbank in British Columbia during the Sockeye salmon run How many salmon will I see?

It varies year to year how many salmon come back to the same river to spawn.We like the Comfort Inn & Suites Salmon Arm, which is a good value at around $110 CAD a night.The Island Loop trail takes you right along the Adams River, on somewhat flat ground.There are definitely less salmon than when we were there back in 2010, but there’s still plenty to see!

What’s the best place in the park to see salmon?

Tsutswecw Provincial Park is a big place, and the river takes a long, circuitous path through the park, making for a lot of potential area to view the salmon spawning.[2019 Guide Easter 8211]

Walking along a forest path  by in the Adams River at Tsutswecw Provincial Park British Columbia

During our last trip, we witnessed the Salute to the Sockeye Festival in full gear at Tsutswecw Provincial Park.

Have you ever watched a nature documentary show with thousands of brightly red colored salmon splashing and making their way up the river? Ever dreamed of seeing the event for yourself?

Well, we’re fortunate enough to live close to one of the best places in the world to see a sockeye salmon run, at the Adams River Salmon Run in the interior of British Columbia, Canada.[In Nomads Best Asia Beach Loving Places For Digital]

Depending on a lot of factors, including river volume or past flooding damage, the Adam River path can change year to year.In the year after a dominant run, you may see 300,000 or more so it’s still not a bad time to visit.

Sockeye salmon spawning in the Adams River at Tsutswecw Provincial Park British Columbia

You can find this famous salmon migration event happening around four and a half hours east of Vancouver just off the TransCanada Highway 1, right before the small city of Salmon Arm in late September and October every year.[The Run 2019 Adams British Salmon River In Columbia To How In See]

Here’s a pretty raw video we took of the Salmon run on the Adams River in 2018.You can see the waterfall from the Flume Trail system, though we’ve never visited it.Also remember not to throw rocks since that can disturb spawning rituals.

Trust us, we were thrilled to see a mini donut truck on site and, judging from the line ups, so was everyone else.Look for the sign for the Island Loop trail to the left at about 200 meters (give or take).[On For Tips Top Safe The Cycling Road 5]

parking lot and port-a-potties at the Salute to the Sockeye festival at Roderick Haig-Brown Provincial Park, now Tsutswecw Provincial Park Protect the spawning salmon!

Here’s what a lot of people don’t know: the salmon eggs stay in the gravel in the bottom of the river for 90 to 150 days and salmon actually hatch mid-winter.The nearest international airport to Tsutswecw (Roderick Haig-Brown) Provincial Park is in Kamloops.When we visited, it was a flat trail with gravel (not paved).

There’s a visitors centre, and on-path experts that will tell you all about the salmon you’re seeing in the river, artisans, music, events and even food vendors on site.[How Save Money Pass Vienna Can Travel Help The Budget]

Every fourth year is considered a dominant salmon run, which means that there are more salmon running in the river, and more people coming to watch.The nearest cities are Kamloops (50 minutes), Salmon Arm (40 minutes ), or the small town of Chase (10 minutes).

That said, we saw the most salmon by walking along the rivers edge, which is a dirt track covered with loose river rock, and quite narrow in parts.We enjoyed easy access to our vehicle and the fee goes towards a good cause so we opted to pay for parking.

CAUTION: Some portions of the river bank can be dangerous and unstable! Use caution and observe any warning signage!

man and girl looking at Sockeye salmon spawning in the Adams River British Columbia

For 2019 and later, there are a few viewing platforms that should remain stationary.[Of The Naga Prayag Sadhus 8211 Kumbh A Essay Sadhus And Photo]

Where to see salmon spawning in British Columbia at the Adams River BC .From the intersection of the Squilax and the TransCanada Highway, head north on the Squilax-Anglemont Road for a little over five kilometers.We’d suggest arriving earlier in the day for peak sunshine and warmth!

The easiest access to viewing salmon close up is to take the Lower Trails to the right of the parking lot.

viewing platform at the Adams River at Tsutswecw Provincial Park British Columbia

While salmon are the main draw, there is plenty of other wildlife in the park, including beavers, river otters, mink, black bears, and deer.Your best bet would be to chat with park staff to find out more details.[Inclusive With To 5 Flights All Crete 199pp Break]

Since it’s pretty high up, you won’t get to see salmon up close from here, but it is a really pretty view of the river.

Our home town of Kelowna is just under a 2 hour drive, and Vernon is just over an hour away.The festival takes place every four years during a dominant run.[ Life Lobectomy Awareness Thyroid After Thyroid Month]
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