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Amy has been sailing around the world on her catamaran, Starry Horizons, since October 2014.

Many of the waterfront resorts boast inflatable playgrounds floating out in the water, keeping the party going during the day and entertaining the kids.[Where To Out 3 Factors Scope You Live Choosing When To Need] Rodney Bay

We found Rodney Bay to be party central of Saint Lucia.She sails with her husband, David, and to occupy her time she writes her blog, OutChasingStars.com, and writes for Cruising World Magazine.Relax on the beaches and enjoy the colors and on a busy day, people watching.We took a taxi to the start of the Tete Paul hike, where we paid a fee to join a group going up to the viewpoint, led by a local guide.

The island attracts many tourists, but most are from the visiting cruise ships.Bring snorkel gear to check out the fish and coral in the water (not the best in the Caribbean but pretty good).[Sonic Cleansing Routine Brush Skin For Skincare Flawless]

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A half hour walk out of Soufrière brings you to the Diamond Botanical Gardens.The bay is surrounded by higher-end resorts and dining options.The attractions aren’t just limited to the gardens.Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.[Home With Family Back Christmas Keeping Your And Friends Cheer]

One of the gems of the Caribbean, Saint Lucia is a wonderful place to stop for a typical Caribbean vacation.We made it to a small platform with a view over the bay – stunning! I could totally image sunrise yoga here.

.We decided to try our luck ourselves and once we found the path, it was easy to follow it up.[To Top Do Things Spain 10 Valencia In]

The Pitons are two volcanic mountains; Gros Piton peaks at 771 m, and Petit Piton peaks at 743 m.We dined there with five of us Texans who know a thing or two about meat! The area around the Baywalk Shopping Mall has a diverse selection of choices, ranging from Indian to Creole to tapas.


After our hike we popped into Doolittle’s Bar, named because some of the scenes in the 1967 movie Dr Doolittle were filmed in Marigot Bay.I haven’t checked out all the steakhouses in the Caribbean, but Big Chef is incredibly good, and I would comfortably say it’s one of the best in the Caribbean.Alternatively, you can island hop the Caribbean via L’Express des Iles ferry or plane. You can search for flights using Skyscanner – the best search engine for flights.[Per Holidays With Entertainment Just Passes Haven Caravan 79]

How to Get to Saint Lucia

There are nonstop flights available from many North American cities.Our highlight was totally free, though: the hike up Billy Goat Trail.

We left from Oasis Resort, where we were told several times that we should hire a guide to help us get up the hike.No need to pack a lunch – there are several restaurants such as Pigeon Island Jambe De Bois Restaurant & Bar, which is a casual place with a chalkboard menu and local fare.[Mombasa Old A Stroll Town Through]


Marigot Bay

This small, very well protected bay was my favorite stop.For some inexpensive local eats, check out Chateau Mygo House of Seafood, across the bay. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});


The town of Soufrière is next door to some of Saint Lucia’s biggest attractions – literally.


One thing not to be overlooked in Rodney Bay is the dining.There is also a waterfall and mineral pools to enjoy.[Top 2018 12 Of Stories Travel]

Just west of Sandals Resort is Pigeon Island, which is not actually an island but a National Park.We made a stop there while sailing the islands on our sailboat, Starry Horizons.

Take a hike up to the lookout point and Fort Rodney for a view back over the bay.It’s well worth spending a full day there.Very, very worth it for the view you get at the top.[Of The Naga Prayag Sadhus 8211 Kumbh A Essay Sadhus And Photo]

In lieu of lunch at the Old Mill Restaurant, we walked a little bit further to Marie’s Local Cuisine, where we paid $10 for a buffet filled with Caribbean dishes.

Book through Booking.com and receive 25€ off your stay! (or currency equivalent) (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});


Saint Lucia is on the Eastern Caribbean Dollar (EC$) which is available from ATMs at the airport and elsewhere.[Trip To 8211 A 2800 India2 INR City Jaisalmer Of Golden The Days 8211 Backpacking]


Where to Stay

All three stops have a wide variety of hotels to choose from to suit your price range.

This is NOT hiking one of the Pitons, which is incredibly challenging, but instead hiking to a viewing platform between the two mountains.There are many resorts that play music loudly and party well into the night.Even some boats got in on the action, like the pirate ship from Sea Spray Cruises.[Bratislava Top For 4 Food In]
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