Penang 19

I am headed back to Penang in July, which would be my fourth visit to the island, and I can see myself going on another trip back sometime in the future.Wanderlust is really something that hit me hard, and I am starting to feel it’s not something that I can easily shake off.At least I do.

As much as I love Thailand, I have to admit that I haven’t really explored much of the country.Last October, after my TBEX post-BEX fam trip in the Trat province, I went to Ko Chang and stayed at this amazing resort, Amber Sands Resort, which I really want to go back to because the people are great, the food is really good, and the atmosphere of the resort is just really relaxing.[London 5 Dumplings To Eat In Places]

Sayuri at Wat Po

Seven trips in a year isn’t really something to sneeze at, though I have to admit that’s already me reigning myself and traveling less.

I know I’ve been saying for years now that I will be traveling less in the coming years, and while that is technically true, I can’t seem to stop myself from planning the next one.With booking fee and various payment methods (plenty of Philippine banks available!), it sure is tempting.[ Cave A Bahiri Faint Hearted INR For Trek Not Dhak 200 Trek The]

Today, I took a gander at my flickr account, and got lost in a sea of travel photos I’ve taken through the years.Apart from trawling the Internet with all the information I can get about the places I am visiting, I also find myself looking at trips that I can take given the direction I have plotted for my life.

Into the unknown

Thinking about all these places leaves me itching to make that Malaysia Airlines booking on Traveloka, even if I’m leaving for the airport in less than an hour.It took me back to the years when I was discovering Southeast Asia, and while I am aiming for Europe in the coming years, I am feeling that tug to revisit some of my favorite places.[Lighting Right And Fundamentals Composition The Travel Photography Of Moment]

.Take for example 2016: while I have only going on my fifth trip of the year today, and will be going on three more afterwards, I will have only spent four months sleeping in my own bed.I must go back to buy more.

That my friends, is how travel bloggers live in between trips.[An Sinhagad 250 To Near INR Pune Trek Exciting Night Trek Katraj]<

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What do travel bloggers do in between trips? They think about traveling.Bangkok, which is another favorite city, is also high in my list, though mostly owing to the fact that I bought this awesome dried pork jerky at the Or Tor Kor market last October, and I up until now, I am regretting that I only bought one pack.It also doesn’t help that I am always on the Internet, and with so many airline promotions, online booking, and credit cards, it’s very hard to resist the impulse to book a flight.
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