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Friends who regularly travel to Japan book flights to Nagoya when the fares to Tokyo have gone too high, and even with the cost of the overnight bus from Nagoya to Tokyo, it still comes out cheap.Whether you are eager to go restaurant or bar hopping, singing your hearts out in karaoke until the wee hours of the morning, or looking for great shopping deals, you can do them all in Nagoya.

Nagoya 06 Excellent lunch at the Gamagori Orange Park.One of the nearest in Nagoya is the Gamagori Orange Park, where you can go into the orange grove, pick as much oranges as you can eat.Naturally during seat sales, the first two cities would be the first to run out of cheap seats, but if you’re watching your budget, fret not, because you can get cheaper fares if you are flying to Nagoya, even if you are aiming to travel to the Kanto or Kansai regions.[Best In Kids The Shows London8217s Theatre Live West End For]

If shopping in Nagoya’s huge malls, 24-hour Don Quijote, and the Osu shopping street is not enough, you can venture out to the Toki Premium Outlet for some discount shopping.But really, even without those, I am drawn to Gujo Hachiman because it’s a very quaint and charming little town.The castle grounds and the museum inside is impressive as it is, but if you can, time your visit on a Sunday morning, when a samurai show on the grounds is held.Naturally, for those flying into the country, the point of entry that comes to mind is Narita, Haneda, and Osaka.

Nagoya 15 Catch the samurai show at the Nagoya Castle grounds!

Beyond the city, there are a number of attractions you can visit.Though not as grand as Disneyland or Universal Studios, it also does not have the swarm of people that flock the parks even on a weekday.Aside from the fruit picking, make sure to also try having lunch at their restaurant, which serves set meals that are not just filling, but also quite delicious.It’s a fascinating tour, not just for kids, but also for adults who nuts about supply chain management and logistics.[Inclusive 5 199pp Break With To Crete Flights All]

Nagoya 09 What better souvenir than a plastic sample of mix tempura that you made yourself?

There are plenty to explore in the Chubu region from Nagoya that you won’t feel like you’ve missed out even if you don’t go to Tokyo.Even though I’ve been to both three times already, I am not complaining of I am to visit them again in the future.There’s Gujo Hachiman, that’s known as the place to go for those realistic plastic food replicas you see outside restaurants.[In Day National Family 5 Friendly Hikes Kosciuszko Park Mt]

Nagoya 13 Make sure you time your visit to Takayama to the weekend morning market!

Another favorite in the Chubu Region are the towns of Shirakawa-go and Takayama.It was not until my last trip that I was able to explore Nagoya city.

Further on, there’s also the post towns of Magome and Tsumago, the bustling city of Matsumoto and Nagano, the onsen towns of Gero and Jigokudani… So if you find yourself during a Cebu Pacific seat sale with only fares to Nagoya fitting your budget, don’t worry not because there’s so much to explore!

Cebu Pacific flies every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday to Nagoya from Manila.Like other tourist attractions in Japan, they also have a sizable gift shop that offers the area’s specialties (my favorite were their cured fish).Whether you’re looking for clothes, accessories, cookware, or even if you’re not looking to buy anything, you’re sure to find something to spend your money on.[Year 2018 Photos In]

Of the four airports that Cebu Pacific flies to in Japan from the Philippines, Tokyo Narita would probably be the most popular, followed by Osaka Kansai, and trailed by Nagoya and Fukuoka.The ship replica is exactly how it looks in the anime, and you’ll be so occupied taking pictures in all the nooks and crannies of the ship that you’ll hardly notice that you’ve already cruised around the bay.

On the subject of anime, did you know that there’s an actual replica of the house in the animated movie My Neighbor Totoro in Nagoya? It’s about an hour away by train from the city, in the Aichi Expo Park.But thanks to an iPad and translation sites, we were able to understand each other, and I now have a nice new pair of glasses to replace my broken one! Thank you so much, Buma-san of Jins at Toki Premium Outlet!

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You can continue your shopping at Laguna Ten Bosch, and take a break by exploring the nearby Lagunasia themepark.You can learn how to make them, or you can learn how to dance as the locals do during their summer festival.It’s magical when under a heavy blanket of snow, and still quite charming in the autumn.[Less Dinners In For 8 Cheap Or Paris 15 Eating]

This is a long overdue post about my trip to Nagoya and the Chubu region in 2015 with Cebu Pacific.

In the four trips I’ve made to Japan in the past years, I’ve found myself in the Chubu region for each one.Think of it as a theme park for people who hate crowds (hello fellow anti-socials!)

Nagoya 07 The Thousand Sunny at Laguna Ten Bosch

Laguna Ten Bosch is also where the Thousand Sunny is docked.[Expedition Travel On A Change Climate Antarctica]

Nagoya 10 One of the oldest houses in Shirakawa-go.

Nagoya 14 When in Nagoya, make sure you try the tebasaki or Nagoya-style fried chicken wings at Sekai no Yamachan

Downtown Nagoya is vibrant and bustling, without the frenetic energy and massive crowds of Tokyo that can be overwhelming.Takayama offers a wide range of accommodations to fit any budget, and is very nice to walk through the town, especially during the weekends when the weekend morning market is in full swing.[Things In To Do Cambridge UK]

When people talk about traveling to Japan, the first place that comes to mind is Tokyo, followed by Kyoto.Likewise, the proliferation of low cost carriers offering domestic flights means you can fly out to as far as Sapporo without breaking the bank (and not losing any precious travel days traveling by train).

Shirakawa-go, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is not just a joy to explore, but I find myself wanting to go back again and again just to see how it looks in different seasons.[Transfers Flights 038 Late Deal New To 560pp Airport Hotel York With]

If up for a cultural activity to round up your itinerary, a visit to the Nagoya Castle is a must.You can take a trip out to the Toyota factory and have an old-school type field trip to learn how Toyota cars are made.It’s all in Japanese, but it’s quite entertaining, and you can even have a selfie taken with the cast afterwards.

I don't speak Japanese, and she doesn't speak English.Our one of many amazing meals during the trip

Japan grows excellent produce, and fruit picking is actually a popular tourist activity in the country.Much love to Cebu Pacific for giving me this opportunity to see more of the Chubu region!

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