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My packages were sent on a complimentary basis; however all opinions are my own.

The post Send My Bag Review: Ship your Belongings appeared first on Tiny Trips & Tips.[Africa Experiences In Top Our South]

But in December 2017, a new adventure was about to start.It does mention for you not to send anything with glass, but some kitchen utensils are still fragile no matter what.For those who know me, this is barely the whole of my closet, but it would do for the first 4-6 months.

As my boyfriend bought a new apartment, we would also be in need of furniture and household items.Either sending your bags (as the name explains) such as your luggage, or your boxes, Send My Bag will do it all for you! All you do is get a quote, book your shipping, print your shipping information, and wait for them to collect your things!

I booked my shipping on Monday, for a Wednesday collection.This would help me already bring some of my clothes.As the truck came to pick up my two heavy boxes at 6pm, I started tracking them from the next day forward.[Of Art Street Mangar The Village]

I would recommend their services to any expat, or anyone needing to send bags/boxes worldwide for any reason.

I’ve moved back and forth from France to the USA, moved some of my things to London, and back to France.[Bag In Whats My]

Friday: Arrived in London, U.K.

Only those of us expats who’ve actually moved all of their belongings with them, such as furniture and other precious items, can understand how hard the process can be.[6 In To Places Ireland Best Northern Visit]<

Being an expert expat at this point, with having lived in 4 countries up to last year, I’m well aware of the headache moving your belongings feel like.And again, the question popped up: how would I move my things?!


I planned to fly to Belfast 3 times, each bringing a full suitcase of up to 23kg, and a hand luggage of up to 10kg.As I shipped my boxes during the winter holiday season, I actually thought that my packages would arrive a week later at best. This post contains affiliate links.The fact that I had to be at home from 9am to 6pm was a bit annoying as there is no shorter collection time.Starting from the bottom, furniture can become expensive!

Since I had kept a lot of my kitchen utensils from my Orlando apartment, such as pots, pans, bowls, Pyrex plates etc.To read our disclosure policy, click here.


Being used to sending packages around the world, I found that Send My Bag was very affordable, friendly, and speedy shipping company.[10 In Do Things Cappadocia To]

Saturday: Arrived in Belfast, U.K.


That’s when I found Send My Bag.[In The Between]


My boyfriend opened up the two packages; the only thing that broke was a small mug (good thing it was not my favorite one), which I was very relieved about.Hours and hours of planning, organizing, and money-saving, this doesn’t even finish describing the moving headache.

.I was happily surprised by the speed of service.[Before Do Things To 40 You8217re 40]

This was SO FAST, especially when compared to large shipping companies who take ages to send even the smallest of packages.I took the decision to move to Belfast, in Northern Ireland, to be with my significant other.I figured, why don’t I send those over instead of buying them again?

After researching some of the more “well-known” shipping companies such as UPS, FedEx, and the French post office, I quickly came to the conclusion that those options were too expensive.Sending two boxes of about 20kg each would cost me way too much, so I kept searching for different options.

This shipping company can basically do it all.However as I had just quit my job, I was fine waiting at home all day.I had wrapped most things around with paper and bubble wrap.[Oman Bahla Djinns Black Of Magic Fort From Tales And]

Wednesday: Boxes picked up at 6pm from my French home.

Thursday: Arrived in Brussels, Belgium.[A Hike Tips In For To Mind Keep Safety 10 Solo]
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