Behind the house, there is an exhibition of photographs that is all about Nehru-Gandhi family.The murals on the walls of the park tell the story of Bhardwaj Muni.

Nirala at Central Library Suryakant Tripathi Nirala at Allahabad UniversitySuryakant Tripathi Nirala at Allahabad University

The central library of Allahabad University is an old library from the initial days of the university.It is also the place where Mahatma Gandhi stayed when he lived in the Allahabad city.[Europe 40 For To In Top 10 Stay Cities Under]

Department of Mathematics Department of Mathematics - Allahabad University Department of Mathematics – Allahabad University

This 1872 building is a typical Gothic building has a Leaning Tower of Pisa like structure tower.I even found a calendar and book shop outside the Bhardwaj Ashram.Each point is clearly mentioned on the walk and you can simply follow it to enjoy the Allahabad City.Many illustrious people have studied and taught here including poets like Harivansh Rai Bachchan.There are temples dedicated to Rishi Atri and his wife Anusuya, Rishi Yagyavalkya, Rinmochan, Papmochan, different forms of Devi, Satya Narayan.I asked the people around if it was initially built as a church, but they all said – No it was always meant to be a library.Locally people also call it Company Bagh.

I started the walk early morning before the monuments, museums, and parks on Allahabad City Walk were open.A very small part of it is open and dedicated to depicting the journey of Indira Gandhi from a child in this home to becoming the prime minister of India.Walk around and see the students sitting and reading, chatting, having fun.It is much bigger than Anand Bhavan.It is here I realized that Nirala breathed his last at Allahabad city.[Guide A Quick Cologne To Carnival]

Senate Hall Senate Hall - Allahabad UniversitySenate Hall – Allahabad University

The Senate hall is the office of Vice Chancellor or Allahabad University.This is not celebrated as the birthplace of Indira Gandhi.

On the top floor, there are rooms of Nehru and Indira.It is believed that the Pushpak Vimaan was built here at this Ashram.[The To Chateau Haut Koenigsbourg Visit De]

Mahavaraha at Allahabad MuseumMahavaraha at Allahabad Museum

There was an ongoing exhibition on the archives of Kumbh Mela.The distinct feature of this building is a 200 feet tall tower in sandstone overlooking a huge playground.At the archaeology gallery, I saw lovely HBuddhistdhhist and Jain sculptures.I wondered how many of them really realize the historical importance of the place.

You get to see only a small part but this part is unticketed.[10 SoloTravelDestinations For Top SpringVacation]

Allahabad University

Allahabad University is one of the oldest universities of modern India.It was very interesting to see the arrangements as they were done in the 1920s or 1930s like running extra trains or making arrangements for sanitation.

This is where my walk ended and I boarded an auto to head back to the Kumbh Mela – my primary reason to visit Allahabad city or Prayagraj.[8211 Lumpur In Street Ultimate Guide Food The Kuala]

Did you notice, that books dominated this walk? Two libraries, a books street in the university and a lovely book store.Akbar built a dam and turned Ganga away from the ashram.It reminded me of my own good old days of college.

Chandra Shekhar Azad Park - Allahabad CityChandra Shekhar Azad Park

There is a Murti of Chandra Shekhar Azad commemorates his supreme sacrifice right here in this park, way back in 1931 fighting for the freedom of India at a young age of just 24.A narrow lane takes you to the Ashram that is essentially a group of many small temples.[To Champions UEFA League Madrid Finals 2019 Travel For]

Anand Bhavan - Allahabad CityAnand Bhavan

As you enter after buying a rather costly ticket (Rs 70/-) that does not even allow photography inside the premises, you see a rather beautiful double story house standing in the middle of the sprawling, manicured lawns.The importance of Muir central college lies in the fact that this was the foundation stone of what would later become the prestigious Allahabad University.

It took me about 4 hours to do this walk, including the time I spent at Bhardwaj Ashram and at the museums.So I started the walk from Rishi Bhardwaj Ashram which is open early morning.[In Of Blogger The Travel Day A Life A]

With the ticket, you get a small booklet that gives you the layout of the museum.There is Charan Paduka or the footprints of Sri Ram here to commemorate his visit.There is a huge library where the meetings used to happen.A classic building in red with a towering working clock tower announces its timeline to the visitor.It has some lovely and precious artifacts.I could not see the vaulted roofs of its classroom, but it looked like a great place to sit and learn mathematics.<Rishi Bhardwaj Murti - Prayagraj

Prayagraj or Allahabad as it was briefly called in the near past is a small but significant city.Dating back to 1863-64 library moved to many places before it settled in this building in 1889.However, a board outside told me that it served as an assembly hall for united provinces.[Trip To 8211 A 2800 India2 INR City Jaisalmer Of Golden The Days 8211 Backpacking]

Check out the list of alumni of this university.

.This city is dominated by literature.[10 Valencia Do Things Top Spain In To]

Bhardwaj Ashram - PrayagrajBhardwaj Ashram – Prayagraj

Bhardwaj Ashram gets a mention in the Tulsi Ramayana.Such a delightful sight.

Did you know Prayagraj is the second oldest city in the world? To know the oldest city in the world – Click Here.[Trip Village To Last In Indias Chitkul Inhabited A Winters]

Prayagraj or Allahabad City Heritage WalkPrayagraj City Heritage Walk

So, while I was visiting Prayagraj I decided to take this self-guided heritage walk of the city.Just behind it is a small but beautifully maintained park that opens around 9:00 AM and has a ticket of Rs 10/-.You can not miss it and anyone would point you to it.I wish I could live in such a library.

The post Prayagraj – Allahabad City Heritage Walk appeared first on Inditales.[Through Perspective Lens A My 8211 Travellers Ladakh]

Chandra Shekhar Azad Park

Cross the road across and you will find yourself in front of Chandra Shekhar Azad Park that was originally called Alfred Park.Now, this was the original home of Motilal Nehru in Allahabad city.Modern Paintings gallery has some great exhibits.

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Once upon a time, this Bhardwaj Muni Ashram would have been a leading university.Many old buildings of the university remind you of the colonial past of the Allahabad city.[Dallas In Taste Texas A Of Italy]

Muir Central College Muir Central College - Allahabad UniversityMuir Central College – Allahabad University

Right next to the department of mathematics is another 1872 CE building called Muir central college.This was the home of the Nehru family, where Jawahar Lal Nehru and Indira Gandhi were born.Allahabad University has its own place in the academic world.

Bhardwaj Muni Mandir - PrayagrajBhardwaj Muni Mandir – Prayagraj

The lady priest at the ashram told me that the ashram used to be on the banks of River Ganga.You can take off your shoes and pay your respect at the Murti.[Dance Kecak Temple Uluwatu The And Monkey]

Around the Murti, I saw a lot of plants planted in recycled cans and pots created from used tyres.But the building that currently houses it is relatively new.The terracotta gallery is full of intricate miniatures in terracotta.A lovely bookstore has some books again on the subject of the Nehru-Gandhi family.He is considered the son of Brihaspati and author of Ayurveda.

Allahabad Museum

Allahabad museum is one of the earlier museums in India.You have to buy another ticket to attend the show here.[Expands GotoBus Bus Europe To Routes]

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If you look around, you will see some more sandstone structures in the ground.Now it is the state public library.

From here I walked through the lanes filled with second-hand booksellers, punctuated by college eateries.Pilgrims though never forgot the ashram and anyone visiting Allahabad Sangam or Prayag Tirtha, visits Bhardwaj Ashram as well.I saw one of the biggest reading rooms here where 500 or so people can easily sit and read.[List For Packing Holiday Ski What A To Trip Pack Ski]

As I walked inside to have a look at the library, it’s interiors looked like a church.Most of them are still functional and you can see students going in and out of them.I had to stop to eat a plate of Jalebis and they are simply heavenly.

Rishi Bhardwaj Ashram Rishi Bhardwaj Murti - PrayagrajRishi Bhardwaj Murti – Prayagraj

There is a huge Murti of Rishi Bhardwaj on the main road of Prayagraj.The fusion architecture with jharokhas and chhatris is more than 100 years old.The lane has lovely colorful houses, each of which seems like a temple.Nehru Planetarium is also a part of this complex.Shiva lives here as Koteshwar Mahadev.[UEFA To For Madrid 2019 Finals Travel League Champions]

Allahabad City Public Library Prayagraj Public LibraryPrayagraj Public Library

Thornhill-Mayne Memorial is how this Scottish Baronial Gothic style building was originally known.Bhardwaj Rishi as we know is one of the Saptarishis or Seven Rishis from whom all of us descended.Many ancient Murti’s that you can see of many Devi Devatas.You can do this easily in 2 hours.Just follow the walking signage.

A life-size statue of Hindi Poet Suryakant Tripathi Nirala stands in front of the library.It also lists the masterpieces of the museum that should not miss like the gold coins of Chandragupta I or the pistol of Chandra Shekhar Azad.[Less Dinners In For 8 Cheap Or Paris 15 Eating]

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Besides the park, a lane takes you to the ancient Ashram complex.Its style resembles that of Lutyens Delhi and no wonder they belong to exactly the same time period.

Swaraj Bhavan Photo Gallery at Swaraj Bhavan - Allahabad CityPhoto Gallery at Swaraj Bhavan

A backdoor from Anand Bhavan leads to Swaraj Bhavan.Thankfully UP Tourism has put up boards that guide you through this history walk.A domed chhatri on top sits like a crown.[To Europe GotoBus Bus Expands Routes]

Anand Bhavan

Anand Bhavan is probably the most well-known monument of Allahabad.Being home to 3 prime ministers of India, being the birthplace of two of them, it played its role in the independence movement of India.So come with me on this lovely walk.
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